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Jan 5, 2013 2:00pm EST
? that sacramento is owned by the lobbyist? do you think they are thrilled to pay higher taxes for fewer jobs? or do you think perhaps they don't have any sense that they are allowed to have a conversation with us? and that starts with us sitting down and saying, tell me about your dreams and hopes. i think that you would be shocked. i cannot use the gentleman's name. he is a democratic consultant and it wouldn't be fair to him. he told me that he happened to be hired by the traditional party, which had run mexico since 1929. and he went down. this is just before the reform ticket. he went down because the candidate was in deep trouble and they wanted clever american advice. and he did a series of focus groups and he said that you have a real problem called corruption. [laughter] that he was talking to were the guys that were corrupt. [laughter] and they said to him, this is his description not mine -- there are a number of guys very overweight smoking cigars in this room. and you don't understand this. people don't mind corruption in mexico. he said, when they get this straight. you think the avera
Jan 13, 2013 7:15am EST
away. volvo was a godsend. northeast of san francisco, four-fifths of sacramento still lay underwater, permitting a steamer to shuttle up and down its streets and allow passengers to enter their second story city hotel room via window. the 50 inches of icy wind and shotgun blasts of black hail that it's soaked and pummeled san francisco all winter had not dispelled the dreams of its citizens. they tossed in their beds, inside combustible homes, heads filled with nightmares of what would happen when the life-saving downpour ended. they would cause in front of the fires listen to the liking of seagulls and snakelike hits of wicks. they watched a clear blast other lamp chimneys blasting. instead of being warmed they feared the worst. they dreaded the high winds off the day that would drive the soap would do in flammability. and with either water wells nor flame fighting equipment nor the inclination to buy any, everybody knew that san francisco would burn. four years earlier in pittsburgh they been a disastrous dawn fire, but that had come after a dry winter, six weeks without rain. san
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2